Group ski holidays

You have found the perfect website to book group ski holidays!

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If you are the lucky one, who have been nominated to arrange the ski holiday for the group of you this year, regardless how big is the group, we understand that it’s not the easiest job.

Everyone expects:

  • The best location,
  • Good WiFi connection,
  • Perfect snow condition (because you are the responsible one for the weather!),
  • Delicious food,
  • Great standard of accommodation,
  • Locals have to be friendly (it’s your fault if they are not in the mood),
  • And of course it has to be cheap!

Do not worry any more! We are here to help you. Unlike any other travel agency in Livigno we work with all of the properties to make sure that you will get the best deal.

What we can do for you?

  • We know Livigno like the back of our hand so we will make sure that location is perfect for you,
  • WiFi is not only available in most chalets but also on the free ski bus and pedestrian zone,
  • The snow in Livigno is guaranteed because of the geographical location, the skiing season in Livigno is from late November until early May, starting earlier than most other resorts. This is why snow enthusiasts choose Livigno as their preferred destination,
  • If you have been to Italy before we don’t have to convince you that the food is amazing and the coffee… the best in the world!
  • Everyone know how friendly the Italians are – that’s why we love them!
  • Livigno is a duty free paradise so you don’t have to worry about the prices!

You don’t have to stress any more! Simply send us your request and we will find you the perfect holiday for the group of you.