Marathon Adventure

Running a marathon the best thing ever?!?


Let’s face it. I’m not an athlete. Running a marathon is hard… You train for months and then you run in pain trying to fight your weakness’… Why would I do it to myself? Because it was the best moment of my life worth every single sweat, pain and doubt. The feeling after completing is absolutely the best feeling ever!

I know that people like to live the easy way. However the easy way happens to be the hard way, if you look at it in the right perspective.  Let’s say that you want to go on ski holiday, but you have never skied before. The group you are going with can and you are the only person in the group who cannot ski. You have got few options. You can decide not to go (easy way – you only say no to it), you go but you don’t learn (easy way – all you have to do is get yourself to the ski resort) or you go and learn. With the first option you think it is easy, because you have to do absolutely nothing, but is it? Do you want to watch pictures from the great time everyone has, but you had missed out on? That seems hard… Option number two: you go, but you don’t ski. Again it looks like an easy option. Is it? Is it fun to see everyone buzzing from endorphins, having a great time and you only sit there and watch it? Hard! And no let’s go with the hard option. You go and you learn. It is hard. Everyone who learned, and I remember that very well as I learned only two years ago, knows it is not easy. It looks easy, but it’s not. You try and you fall, you are in pain, you are tired, you try again and you fall again, you try again and again… but you learn. Every day seems easier and easier. It was hard to start with, but you are getting there. You are proud of your little achievements.  Now it’s all becoming easy.

It was the same with the running. It wasn’t easy to start with, as it is different to run 5km and different to run 15km or 20km. In the beginning you don’t even believe that you are able to do it. Then you have to find the way as the date of the race is coming closer and closer every day.

For me running wasn’t a problem, but there was a day when I run 13km and I couldn’t run any more. What if that will happen on the day of the race? I had to find a way. If you have to find it, you will. One of my friend’s is a professional runner. I have contacted him and he was more than happy to help. And I really could not find a better person. Not only  he set up the whole programme for me, but also was keeping me motivated at all the time. With his help I have achieved not a bad time for the first marathon 3 hours 32 minutes and I was third in my group category.

That gave me the confidence that I can do anything I want, because you don’t run a marathon with your legs, but with your head. Everyone who runs it has to fight not other runners, but themselves.  There are people stopping on 40th km, but it’s not about the legs, because most people are in agony at that point. They head gave up. Don’t get me wrong I am not judging them, because I have got full respect that they have tried and got that far, but I know how many times during the race I was asking myself: “Why am I doing it?” and it wasn’t easy to keep going, but I did.

The feeling on the finish line is priceless and you can’t compare it with anything else. I have never been happier. To see what I have seen in my parents eyes… amazing. If you were considering running the full marathon – STOP!  JUST DO IT!


Marta Stefanska, 30th March 2015