Luxury Private Travel Guide Services

There is only a slight difference between good holidays and unforgettable holidays – people and knowledge – we have got it all! You can use our Luxury Private Travel Guide Services to make the difference.

When you go on holiday it’s great, but there is also a lot of things you have to think about. When you go to visit your friends or family it is so much easier, because the know where to go, what to do, and how to sort everything out. If you haven’t got friends or family in Livigno and you are planning on a ski holiday there is a nothing to worry about. We are here to make sure that there will be no problems along the way.

There are several aspects you have to think about to make it all smooth and issue-free. Some of them better to sort out before you arrive and some of them when you are here.



If you are coming to Livigno by plane you have to make sure that you will get from the airport. The best way is to get a local transfer, as the one you will get from the airport is not only much more expensive, but also might struggle to find the best way back to Livigno, which means that they will waste your precious time.

You don’t need to worry because we will arrange that for you and we guarantee the best price. We use only the most reliable drivers and the cars are less then three years old, properly checked, because yours and your family’s safety matters.



Do you know who gets skipass on Sunday morning? EVERYONE! Why would you like to queue, if you can have it ready waiting for you in the hotel without worrying if you have got your kids ID and which skipass you need. Do you want to queue on Friday to get the deposit back or do you prefer to hand it to the receptionist in the evening and get the deposit back without wasting your time?

We will arrange all of that for you, so you can go ski first thing in the morning.



You can pre-book your ski equipment, so it will be waiting for you only few minutes walk away from the hotel. You can try it to make sure that it fits perfectly and if you wish we will deliver it straight to your ski deposit.



There is nothing better than a family holiday. However sometimes you wish you could leave your child with someone trustworthy and you could go for a drink or a dinner only with your better half. You wanted to go out skiing and you haven’t got anyone you could leave your kids with? We have got a solution.

We have got the best experienced babysitters, who speak several languages, so you can go out and enjoy your time. Your kids will be in safe hands.


new ski school

Regardless if you have never tried skiing before or you are an experienced skier there is always a room for improvement. Maybe you wanted to send your kids to the ski school, so they can have a great time with they peers? We have got the best instructors, who speak several languages, so the learning process will be fun.

It is better to pre-book the lessons, so the best instructors will be waiting for you.


Livigno 2014 028

You are coming to Livigno and you are ready to start your winter adventure, but where to go? Confused? Along the village there are two sides: Carosello 3000 and Mottolino ski area. Where to go? You haven’t got a clue where to start… You are only starting to skiing and you are looking for some easy slopes? Or you have been skiing for years and you are looking for a challenge? Or maybe you just want to have a lunch and enjoy the sun?

We are here for you. If you would like us to explain where to go, we will show you on the ski-map. If you are looking for someone to go with you – we will take you there!


You are not sure what time you can start skiing to be the first one on the slopes? Or do you prefer to start later but you want to be the last one? But where to find the opening times? We will tell you all about it!


So you have had a great time on the slope and now you want to go out for a dinner, but it’s not only about the fuel you want. In Italy food is a religion, but not every restaurant offers the best food and entertainment.

You don’t want to miss out on what is going on in Livigno. We know where is the best apres ski, we know about all of the special events, you wouldn’t find out and we can take you there!


When you install my3000 on your mobile phone, you will be able,  in case of accident, to call the rescue team of Carosello 3000 with just a click and without need to store phone numbers. Furthermore, if it is difficult to localize your position, you can send a text message with your coordinates on Google Maps. Remember: Safety first!