Ice Climbing

The silence of the mountains in the depths of winter, climb the spectacular natural structures created by water and frost. Discipline fascinating and seemingly very challenging but well equipped with ice axes, crampons, harness and helmet, is not so difficult to discover this magical world.


You can try to climb the wall of the ice tower of Livigno.

Wearing boots and crampons specific to the waterfall, holding the ice ax, helmet on head, harness linked to safety rope and began climbing with the information and assistance of the Alpine Guide.

You will need:

  •  gloves, goggles, (boots, ice axes, crampons, harness and helmet are provided by the school)

Price:   € 45.00

The participation fee includes the use of technical equipment and the constant assistance of the Alpine Guide. The price is for a maximum of 1 hour of activity (including dressing)


The Basic Course is divided roughly into two phases:

  • First part of a simple cascade or tower of ice to learn the basic movements, the use of crampons and ice axes and the most basic rope work;
  • The second stage, climb a waterfall with natural difficulty proportionate to the capacities of the students.

You will need:

  • mountaineering or hiking boots, gloves, goggles, (ice ax, crampons, harness and helmet are provided by the school).

Price:  € 350.00 (max 2 people)

The fee includes the Alpine guide and the use of technical equipment

The course is carried out with a maximum of 2 participants.

The Advanced Course is suitable for those who already have basic mountaineering experiences and want to acquire the technical knowledge needed to address safety in climbing the frozen waterfalls. The course is more comprehensive than the basic course is divided roughly in three days:

  • First day dedicated to technical progress, the proper use of ice axes and crampons specific, proper safety management roped in progression of structures more shots, the operations of insurance and self-insurance.
  • Second day always climbing techniques with particular attention to the correct use of the nails, the positioning, the creation of natural and artificial anchors. Abseiling
  • Third day we apply the appropriate level of a cascade of what was learned in the previous days.

You will need:

  • complete equipment for climbing on waterfalls (ice ax, crampons, harness, helmet) if necessary part of personal material can be made ​​available by the school.

Price: € 520.00 (max 2 people)

The fee includes the mountain guide.

The output is carried out with a maximum of 2 participants.

Private guiding

The privileged relationship between the customer and “his” Guide to climb the waterfall you want, for a training program customized winter mountaineering or to arrange an internship for several days on the waterfall. Contact us for a customized proposal.

Rates per person : from € 240.00 (1 person) From € 140.00 (2 people)

If you would like to book your ice climbing experience, please contact us to arrange it.