During the annual prizegiving at Modena Skipass, the most important winter trade-fair in Italy, Livigno takes home the Best Italian Freeride Location 2014 and the Best Freeride Event with the Skieda! What does it mean? Livigno is the best Italian location for freeride!

Livigno is perfect for those looking to experience the deep powder snow, exhilarating off-pist, freeride and back country areas not accessed by the crowds.


Strong emotion every time skiing, silent, open the track, raising clouds of sparkling dust, because there is nothing more beautiful than to embark on a descent on a surface spotless. The Alpine Guides are the ideal partners to tackle wonderful descents with maximum safety, away from the beaten track to the continuous search for the most beautiful line. Sometimes, in order to enjoy descents particularly beautiful, you must “earn” the summit on foot, snowshoes or skins.

Our Guides-Instructors will take you through glaciers, off piste areas where you can ride with freedom. Mountain Guides are the only professionals trained and certified to escort you on ungroomed, unmarked slopes.

You will need:

  • Ski pass
  • Equipment freeride backpack with safety kit (transceiver – shovel – probe) can be hired at special price


  • “M” 8:45 to 12:30 Price: 1 person € 170.00 € 15.00 for each additional person
  • “XL” 8:45 to 15:30 Price: 1 person € 210.00 € 20.00 for each additional person

If you would like to book your freeride experience, please contact us and we will arrange that for you. You have to be an experience skier but if you are we can promise that you will love it!