About Us

Why are we better then any other travel giude?

PASSION is the answer. We are here not only to book your holidays. We are here to make your dreams come true. We are not going to promise you that you will relax. We will promise you the adventure. And if you want to keep fit and fancy a little bit of adrenaline in your system – you will love it here!

We couldn’t find a holidays we would like to go to, so we have decided to create them. We came here and fall in love in this breathtaking panorama. We have found the best place, the best people, who will teach you skiing, take you for a freeride, show you the best mountain bike routes and much more!

Nothing is a problem for us. We are here for you, so if there is anything you need, just give us a call and we will organize that for you.

We are a young team full of energy and enthusiasm. We want you to share this passion with us!

Livigno Italian Alps

 Meet the team

Marta Stefanska – Director


There is no better experience in life than travelling. Some people like to book all inclusive holiday by the pool and never leave the hotel, but not me. I have got the best time when I meet new people, excited about life, sport, good food and adventure. Few years in the industry gave me an idea of what is missing in all of those trips. Like lots of ambitious people I don’t want just go on to the running camp. I want to learn from the best runners. I don’t want to go on the bike ride. I want to go with the best guide, who knows the area better than anyone else. I don’t want to ski, I want to be a really good skier and I know, that the best instructor will show me techniques I wouldn’t learn from just an instructor.

I have been very lucky to meet amazing people in my life. They are the best in what they do, because they love it. They are in national teams, they win world competitions and they are happy to share the experience they have gain along their way with you. The whole idea of the adventure holiday is not for everyone. It is for very few people, who are courageous, ambitious and ready to start the venture.

I was missing a challenge in my life, so I found the best place, where you can train, where you can find incredible people and where I can take you on the best holiday. This place is Livigno. Now I live here and I organize the trips for people, who want to spend the best time of they life in the stunning scenery of Italian Alps.

Adam Quadroni – MTB Guide

Adam Quadroni

My name is Adam. I was born in 1983 in a small town near Lake Como, Chiavenna. I started my mountain bike experience as a child with cross country races at the age of 14, winning the Junior Italian Championships and a European Cup race in 2001. At the age of 18, I was in the official Bianchi Team. The same year I participated at the European Championships and World Championships in Vail (Colorado) with the Italian National Team, finishing 12th overall. The following years as Under 23 I remained with Team Bianchi for two seasons, then changed to Team Scott. 2004 was the last year of racing high level. From 2005 I live in Livigno, where I started working as a mountain bike guide  few years ago. I also like touring and training with my road bike, and have great fun doing mountain bike Enduro Races, where I also managed to get good results!

Livigno and all the Alta Rezia comprensory has got a lot of great trails. That’s why I started organizing different levels and category (road bike, cross country, enduro, downhill etc.)  bike tours to show everyone this wonderful area! My motto is “Rock’n’ride!!!”