10 things you have to know before you go to Livigno

Are you planning your ski holiday in Livigno? There are some essentials you have to know about.

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10 things you have to know before you go to Livigno, which will make your holiday 100 times easier:

1. Shocking charge for a tunnel

Livigno tunnel

Depending on which way you are coming from you can pay quite a lot for your journey. From the North the only way is just over 3 km long tunnel. If you are flying to Bergamo, Malpensa or Linete you will stay away from this expensive “pleasure”. The cheapest way is to rent a car if it’s a group of you. The only problem is yourself, or maybe I should say your driving skills. Livigno is in mountains and the way up is rather curly, can be icy and covered in snow. For inexperienced drivers we recommend a taxi or a bus:

Livigno Express, 45.00 EUR each way per person

Taxi – about 300.00 EUR (up to 7 people)

Coming back to the tunnel – the price starts from 42.00 EUR per car. Luckily this is a price for your returned journey.

If Google Maps will show you the way trough St. Moritz, please avoid that way! The tunnel is only open in the summer. You will have to come back to take the Munt la Schera Tunnel.

2. Apartments are rented from Saturday to Saturday


You might be able to rent it from Friday or Sunday, which would be great, because you would avoid the Saturday traffic, but it’s not that easy. Usually the owners agree if it’s a last minute booking and they have got it free. Some hotels are more flexible. But most follow the same rule. Otherwise the week in Livigno starts on Saturday.

3. Driving from the airport will take longer than you think


According to Google maps the journey from Bergamo to Livigno, only 187 km is not that far… It is! It takes about 4 hours sometimes longer to get there. The road condition and all of the turns make your speed rather low. It’s not going to be a German motorway. Please do not rush. It can be dangerous!

4. Duty free paradise

cheap drinks

Maybe something positive now. You were going ski and you didn’t realised that you are coming to the duty free zone? What that means? Well, of course the alcohol will be cheap and you will be able to buy a 1 litter bottle of Ballantine’s whiskey for only 8.00 EUR! What else? Chocolate, coffee, cigarettes, so everything you can get addicted to! What’s very good, if you drove to Livigno is price of petrol. Better to avoid weekends as the prices go up. Middle week is always the best to tank your car. The only shop where you have to pay VAT is pharmacy! So better stay away from that shop. Just stay happy and healthy throughout your holiday!

5. Pizza, pasta, steak!


The love of my life – food! The best food is Italian, because they are passionate about it. The best pizza or pasta is Italian and there is no doubt to it. You can find few good pizza places in Livigno. The best one always has got a queue outside. Yes people stay outside, while the temperature goes down to minus 20 degrees, to wait for it! It means something. You have to try it. Bait dal Ghet it is! Fantastic quality of meat in Alps guarantee fantastic steak. You have to try it while you are there!

6. Apres ski 


Do you like to party? Party from 4 pm till 8 pm? If you have never tried it, you will be in the best place to do so. Livigno’s apres ski is brilliant. It’s a prefect way to finish the day on the slope. You don’t have to worry about your outfit or make-up. It’s fashionable to wear your ski gear. All you need to take with you it’s a good mood and some crazy dance moves!

7. Kinder garden Mottolino

family week

If you are looking forward to your family holiday you have to know, that if you are not sure what to do with your little one’s, you can leave them in the kinder garden. It’s located at Meating Point – the first restaurant on Mottolino ski area, if you take the cable car. You have to go upstairs to the top floor and you can stay with your children if they are under 3 years old or you can leave them with a babysitter, who looks after the kids up there. They have got lots of toys so I’m sure they will be happy to stay there, while you are having a moment away from them – sometimes it’s priceless.

8. Ski check


After a day on the slope you can check how many kilometres you have done using the ski check. It’s a great tool! All you need to do is insert your skipass number and you will find out everything from it. Make sure that you will try it!

9. Aperitivo and other drinks


Of course you have to try some of the Italian specialities. We all know that they food is amazing, but so are the drinks. The best aperitivo – that means that you should drink it between 5 pm and 8 pm – is Aperol Spritz – Prosecco based with orange, ice and of course Aperol. Another lovely Prosecco based drink is Hugo served with fresh mint. The yellow hot drink – Bombardino, served with whipped cream is perfect to warm you up. You can also try vin brule – mulled wine, but I’m sure you have tried it before.

10. Local meat, cheese and ice cream

latteria Livigno

If you are looking for some local delicious meat you have to try Bresaola! Speck is probably my favourite, but it’s originated in Tyrol. Livigno is very proud of they local production of cheese and Ice cream. If you are not sure which one is your favourite, you can go to Latteria and try it all first and then buy it. It’s located by the lake in the Pemont area. The free skibus will take you there or you can have a nice walk.